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Our Covid-19 Policy & Protocol

What we are doing at SCC to maintain a safe environment for you.

  • All equipment will be disinfected with a solution that kills the Covid-19 virus after every use.

  • Hand sanitiser has been placed at the entry of the space and in the toilets.

  • The teacher will wear a face covering throughout the entirety of your visit.

  • Equipment that is of a fabric material will be quarantined for 24 hrs between uses.

  • The teacher will disinfect their hands when spotting - only for safety reasons.

  • Equipment will be set out with a minimum distance of 2m.

  • Aerial equipment will be assigned to 1 or 2 students (If 2, the students will be given disinfectant to use on the equipment between uses).

  • All touch hotspots, such as door handles and toilets, will be regularly cleaned.

  • We will be keeping the hall doors open, to allow ventilation when we can.

  • Monitoring guidelines and making necessary adjustments.

What we ask you to do when in our space.

  • Please do not come to our space if you are showing any signs of illness, especially running a temperature, continuous cough, and/or loss of taste/smell - you must have had no symptoms for 14 days to enter our space or have a negative Covid-19 test.

  • All students must social distance to 2m upon entering The Surrey Circus Centre and throughout the class.

  • Hand sanitiser is available at all times at the entry of The Surrey Circus Centre and in the toilets. Please sanitise your hands once you enter the space.

  • All students must wear face coverings upon entering The Surrey Circus Centre. Facemasks can only be removed when you’re on equipment or participating in a class – these will be socially distanced throughout. Facemasks must be worn at all other times, this includes talking to others and resting.

  • 1 to 2 students per piece of equipment (if 2, then disinfectant is to be used by the students on the equipment between uses), maintaining social distancing at all times. Please stick to your given point, students are not to touch other pieces of equipment or offer other students spots – do not touch other students or their belongings. Work at your own level and at your own height to practice skills before going up high.

  • Bring your own bottle of water, the kitchen facilities are not open to students during this time.

  • Please bring minimal belongings. Once you are in the main hall, please observe where other people's items are (around the side of the space) and place yours with a minimum distance of 2m from other people's belongings.

  • Please do not touch anything you don’t have to. The teacher will do any rigging required, please do not touch the rigging points.

  • Be aware of touching your face. If you have touched your face and need to travel around the space e.g to the toilet, please sanitise your hands at the entry before touching anything and after going to the toilet.

  • There will be no rolling out equipment or thera bands available. Please bring your own equipment if required.

  • At the end of each session please wipe down any mats/equipment you used with our spray and blue roll.

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