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Medical Waiver



To be able to partake in a class at The surrey Circus Centre, I (the customer) understand that there are associated risks with taking part in these activities and that risk cannot be eliminated without taking away the core qualities of the activities taught.


To book a class at The Surrey Circus Centre, I agree to the medical waiver, privacy policy and terms and conditions at the booking checkout and cannot commence in participating in lessons without doing so.


The activities available at the The Surrey Circus Centre are dangerous and I assume all risks, whether known or unknown, of injury, illness or damage to my property. I understand that there is a significant risk of serious physical injury, falls from height and associated collision injuries and other damages inherent in my use of the facilities. Participation in the activities carries with it inherent risks that cannot be eliminated regardless of the care taken to avoid injuries. These risks and hazards can include, but are not limited to, injuries arising from falling and striking objects or other people including, but not limited to, paralysis resulting from striking objects; being struck by falling objects or people; failure of any part or all of the structures, flooring systems, building or training and fitness apparatus; defective, worn, uneven or separated training equipment, flooring, or pads; failing to land on a crash mat or pad or landing on an unpadded structure, including falling between crash mats or aerial equipment; failure and/or breakage of crash mats or aerial equipment or other equipment; strained or sprained muscles, joints and connective tissue; burns, sprains, fractures, scrapes, bruises and cuts, dislocations, pinched fingers, and serious injury to the head, back and neck; broken bones; personal injury, including paralysis, death, illness, property damage, and other losses. Injury or death can arise from errors in judgment, from lack of training or information, from my negligence or the negligence of the employees or agents of SCC or other parties, as well as the risks normally associated with athletic endeavours. There is no way to eliminate the risk of serious harm or death. I understand that my use of the The Surrey Circus Centre and any instruction or knowledge I obtain here is not sufficient to prepare me for all dangers and risks associated with the Activities. Even with supervision, children using the space and equipment can trip and fall, collide, strike one another, land wrong, and fall from equipment. Finally, risk of falls, collisions, and other accidents exist in the carpark, pavement, entry, waiting area, kitchen and restroom areas. This is not a complete list of inherent risks; many are not listed here. In addition, participants are informed that they should not bring or leave unsafeguarded private property, goods or valuables on the premises because they are at risk for loss, theft or damage.

I certify that I understand that all activities conducted at The Surrey Circus Centre expose me to a high risk of injury or accident. I knowingly and voluntarily assume all risks, whether known or unknown, of paralysis, injury, illness, death or damage of whatever kind, medical expenses, or other loss arising out of my participating in any such activity at the space or sponsored by The Surrey Circus Centre.

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