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Wednesday Adults Aerial Hoop

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Join our waiting list and get access to when a adhoc space becomes available.

How do the classes work? What to expect?

A beginners mixed ability class, available to all. Learning the fundamentals of Aerial, gaining strength and an understanding of your body and the equipment. Whether you’re an old hand or have never experienced being up in the air - this class is for you!

No need to worry - the hoops can be adjusted to different heights throughout the class to cater to differing abilities and levels of confidence. At The Surrey Circus Centre, we have a supportive and encouraging space for all, where everyone feels comfortable to give it a go and to push themselves with freedom.

These are 1hr 15minute classes, starting with a warmup and limbering, then onto the Hoops to learn positions, transitions and all the fun stuff in-between. Our courses run month long and have school holidays off to allow for everything else that happens the right way up! 

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