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Want to be in the know?

We’ve got you!

Starting a new journey in Aerial arts can be daunting, but no need to worry! No question or query is too small, and hey, it might be your first time going upside down - we understand you’ll want to know what to expect and how to be best prepared.


How class will run

Adults - We'll start with limbering up and then get on the hoops, firstly with some aerial conditioning and then moving onto positions, transitions and sequences - all tailored to your own personal level in Aerial. At the end of class, we'll quickly put the crash mats and floor mats back - the help would be really appreciated! :)

Kids - Similar, but a fun game warm up before limbering and no aerial conditioning.  Parents/Guardians - feel free to come into class 10 minutes before the end and you can come and see what we've been getting up to and the moves they'd like to show you! There may be a class starting 5 mins later though, so please bear that in mind for picking them up. 

What to wear

Leggings/joggers that cover the knee are advised to protect the backs of your knees from the equipment. If you have long hair please bring a bobble so you can see and no jewellery. Pack a water bottle - you'll get thirsty!

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